Socrata Supports What Works Cities

Announced in 2015, the Bloomberg Philanthropies What Works Cities initiative pairs mayors’ offices with nonprofits and university partners. The foundation, started by former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg, set aside $42 million to help cities improve their data-informed decision-making and practices. What Works Cities plans to rollout their programs in 100 cities over the next two years.

Bloomberg Philanthropies supports organizations including the Sunlight Foundation, Results for America, the Harvard Government Performance Lab, and the Johns Hopkins Center for Government Excellence. The program encourages cities to:

  • Commit to getting better results for residents by using data and evidence
  • Measure progress and engage citizens along the way
  • Take stock to review results, learn, and make corrections and improvements
  • Act on data and evidence for all major decisions

To date, 40 cities have been announced as What Works Cities and the majority are Socrata customers and participating in Socrata’s Open Data Network.

Methodology for Success

Socrata’s methodology has been refined by the experience gained from working with 300 of the nation’s most data-driven governments and their leaders, leading to an unrivaled pathway to success for cities starting from any point on the maturity curve. Our team of experienced digital government consultants and education specialists are able to assess your needs, discover opportunities, improve your team’s digital readiness, and create a roadmap for digital government transformation that’s customized for your city and meets your program goals and vision.

Building Blocks for a 21st Century

Socrata Open Data Platform

The industry standard for successful open data programs, Socrata Open Data streamlines data publishing, and offers each of your constituent groups –citizens, researchers, developers and entrepreneurs- an optimized experience to easily access, understand and visualize the data in the context that’s most useful to them. Open Data by Socrata is delivered as a secure cloud service that can be deployed in minutes, and scale to support the most demanding and popular open data programs in the world.

Socrata Open Data is designed to:

  • Make citizen and government collaboration intuitive and easy.
  • Streamline and automate government data publishing and management.
  • Empower citizens with a consumer-friendly experience for exploring, visualizing and sharing information based on your data.
  • Accelerate innovation by developers, researchers and entrepreneurs with powerful open APIs and advanced tools for data discovery, analysis, and programmatic access.

Socrata Open Performance

Socrata Open Performance leverages dynamic dashboards that continuously review progress and allow employees and citizens to understand how their programs are connected. Built on the Socrata platform and delivered as a turnkey cloud service, it can be easily deployed, accessed from mobile or desktop browsers, and updated automatically. Capturing data and using it to track work, measure performance, and make strategic decisions that affect services, policies, and budgets has become the norm. Open Performance uses real time dashboards to give the full story. Helping to track and measure success against goals. Dashboards are developed using an intuitive drag and drop interface that empowers government employees to create dynamic reports, and share them with others instantly.

Socrata Open Performance helps you:

  • Identify and utilize measurable goals and metrics
  • Facilitates discovery and collaboration in setting and managing goals
  • Eliminate data silos to create one version of goals and metrics
  • Make data easily accessible for stakeholders

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