Introducing the Socrata Connected Government Cloud

Join Socrata's VP of Product Strategy, Saf Rabah, as he unveils new Socrata products and features designed specifically for government executives and staff at all levels: the Socrata Connected Government Cloud.

With the Socrata Connected Government Cloud (SCGC), your government organization has:

  • A single access point for trusted, up-to-date data
  • Self-service access for knowledge workers and leaders across the organization
  • Visualization and reporting that moves information from insights to action
  • Economies of reuse: the ability to port data into your BI tool of choice
  • Open data as a byproduct of internal use

This webinar includes an introduction to SCGC as well as a live demo of the core features of SCGC that will change the way governments use data.

Join us to learn why SCGC will help you gain peace of mind and will help you use data to drive better outcomes for your organization and, most importantly, for your citizens.

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Saf Rabah
VP of Product Strategy, Tyler Technologies, Data & Insights Division (formerly Socrata)

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