Six Best Practices to Launch and Grow a Successful Open Data Program

Governments must manage services including law enforcement, public health, transportation services, financial transactions, and much more. All of these services have direct and meaningful impact on resident lives and the economic well-being of a region. Opening up relevant, high-quality data can provide insight, promote trust, and increase engagement with citizens who are using these services every day. A flourishing data program goes much further, ensuring that published data sets support the government’s stated goals while providing timely data in a usable format.

Join Socrata speakers, Clare Zimmerman and Robin Rosenberg who will discuss tips in launching a data program as well as solutions to realize the value of an agency’s data over time. Hear highlights from successful open data programs managed by our experts who have collaborated and launched over 100 programs using best practices and methodologies discussed today.

A successful data program will allow you to:

  • Engage citizens and businesses in their government
  • Involve internal staff as primary beneficiaries of easier access to information
  • Demonstrate cost savings and impact of data-driven initiatives for decision makers
  • Measure and monitor agency goals
  • Inform policy decisions that result in the best short and long term outcomes for stakeholders

Watch the webinar now to learn how your organization can continue to grow or launch an open data initiative. 


Clare Zimmerman
Product Analyst
Robin Rosenberg
Senior Program Manager

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