Open Data in Public Safety: Rise of the Police Data Initiative

Learn How to Improve Public Safety with Data

Public safety is arguably one of the most important services a government can provide, encompassing law enforcement along with other first responders and critical services. Earlier this year, the White House announced the Police Data Initiative—a plan to partner with cities and technology firms to share public safety data. The Initiative aims to strengthen relations between communities and their law enforcement agencies as well as improve police performance.

In this webinar, Socrata joins Jim Burch, Vice President of Strategic Initiatives for the Police Foundation, and Lamar M. Gardere, Chief Information Officer for the City of New Orleans. Our discussion covers the Police Data Initiative, its impact on law enforcement and the public safety community, and best practices to develop and use open data in public safety.

In this webinar, you will learn:

  • What the Police Data Initiative means for local governments
  • How New Orleans integrates open data into public safety programs
  • How public safety data improves both operations and the lives of citizens

Watch this fascinating look at the future of data in the world of public safety.

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