Maximizing Your Citizens’ Engagement with CrimeReports

7 Simple Ways to Drive Citizens to Your Site

Get the most out of the new CrimeReports experience with a few best practices that will drive more traffic to your site and interaction with your agency. With the new features and capabilities -- as well as a few simple tricks -- you can make a bigger impact with your community to drive engagement, as well as automate many data requests.

Join us to see a live demo of the CrimeReports dashboard with Steve Sebestyen, Motorola Public Safety Evangelist and Kyle Hall, Socrata Product Manager.

In this webinar, we will share:

  • Simple ways to drive more citizens to your site through linkage, embeds, and redirects
  • Live demo of functions like reporting and analytics, customized by geographic region
  • Engagement success stories from Portland and Notre Dame

Watch the webinar now to learn more about leveraging your CrimeReports dashboard like your peers across the country.


Steve Sebestyen
Motorola Public Safety Evangelist
Kyle Hall
Socrata Product Manager

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