Introducing the New CrimeReports

Socrata and Motorola Solutions Release CrimeReports

CrimeReports can help police agencies improve public and media perception by proactively sharing local crime information and providing visibility to agency operations. Transparent and timely communication increases public confidence and reduces the need to fulfill individual information requests―saving your agency time and money.

Socrata and Motorola Solutions are proud to introduce a brand new solution for police agencies to share crime incidents and engage their communities in a more proactive, informative, and interactive way.

Join Kyle Hall, Socrata Product Manager, Denice Ross, Senior Advisor, Community Solutions, White House OMB, and Steve Sebestyen, Citizen Engagement Product Manager at Motorola Solutions, as they discuss the new CrimeReports solution.

In this webinar you will learn:

  • How CrimeReports can help agencies achieve transparency and engagement with their communities
  • How to mobilize citizens and community organizations through data syndication
  • The capabilities of the new CrimeReports Plus tool, including public analytics, social sharing, and more

Watch the webinar now to learn about the new CrimeReports solution and how it can impact your community.

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