Improve Operational Efficiency with Open Data

Learn how to power internal efficiencies and streamline your operations

Open Data has the power to transform how governments and citizens interact with one another by providing increased transparency to citizens and internal stakeholders. But Open Data can also transform your internal processes and help empower government employees to do their job better.

Socrata sat down with Kyle Hall, former Special Assistant to Los Angeles City Controller Ron Galperin, to talk about specific use cases and general principles around open data and using the Socrata platform. In this webinar, you will learn:

  • How to integrate systems and break down silos with the Socrata Open Data Portal
  • Why it’s important to empower internal staff with self-service data reporting tools
  • How to reduce freedom of information and internal reporting costs through dynamic, easy-to-understand dashboards with real-time information

Join us for this enlightening discussion on creating efficiency with open data.

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