Federal Finance Data & the Impact of the DATA Act

How the DATA Act Transforms Public Sector Finance and How You Can Benefit

Two years ago, Congress passed the Digital Accountability and Transparency Act (DATA Act), America's first open data law, which requires the federal government to publish all its spending information as standardized, open data. The mandate includes all reports from federal agencies' financial and award systems as well as reports by state and local governments that receive federal grants.

Watch our webinar with Hudson Hollister, founder and Executive Director of the DATA Coalition, and learn how the DATA Act affects your organization, including:

  • The history, basic provisions, and current controversies of the DATA Act
  • What the DATA Act means for federal agencies and federal grantees
  • How the DATA Act's mandate for standards empowers new management and reporting tools

By adopting consistent data fields for spending, the DATA Act promises better transparency for citizens outside the federal government, better management tools for leaders inside the federal government, and automated, cheaper compliance for grantees reporting to the federal government.


Hudson Hollister
Executive Director, Data Coalition
Kyle Hall
Product Manager, Socrata

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