Dallas PD: The Police Data Initiative One Year In

David Brown, Police Chief in Dallas, talks about the approach his department took in releasing public safety data, and the quantifiable improvements that occurred as a result.

Posted, May 4th, 2016

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Harnessing the power of civic data to build vibrant cities | Deep Dhillon | TEDxRainier

Speaker Deep Dhillon introduces us to how data can be an empowering asset for every city.

Deep Dhillon is the chief Technology Officer of Socrata, Inc., a privately-held cloud software company headquartered in Seattle’s historic Pioneer Square with offices in Washington, D.C. and London. He is an accomplished technologist with over 18-years of experience conceptualizing, architecting, and deploying multiple advanced networking applications. He specializes in leading startups and growing companies by developing their data science, distributed computing, and search capabilities.

Before joining Socrata, Deep served as a technology executive for companies such as Alliance Health Network, Evri, Insightful Corporation (now Tibco), and Cantametrix (now Sony). He holds several patents in natural language processing, and search and music analysis technologies.

This talk was given at a TEDx event using the TED conference format but independently organized by a local community. Learn more at http://ted.com/tedx

Why Open Data?

The Data Platform for 21st Century Digital Government --
Socrata's cloud-based solution allows government organizations to put their data online, make data-driven decisions, operate more efficiently, and share insights with citizens.

Why Socrata?

Data Democratization in the Cloud - Serving more than 1,000 federal, state, and local governments who want to improve community engagement, operational efficiency, and economic growth with data they already own.

Put The Data Where Your Mouth Is

Jackson, Mississippi Mayor Tony Yarber has a vision of closing the gap between what the goals were and what the actual outcomes are, and it’s grounded in evidence and data. By listening to the community and mapping out a vision for the future, Jackson is proactively building a community of sustainability and resilience.

Speaker: Tony Yarber - Mayor, Jackson, MS

Targeting Initiatives With Data

New York State's open data program is deeply embedded in the Governor's agenda, unlocking data to support and target initiatives that will drive better outcomes.

The New Era of Managed Services

Montana's Chief Information Officer on thinking at an enterprise level and pooling the state's resources via shared information and data.

Data Isn’t Just a Big City Thing

The Mayor of Jackson, Mississippi thinks it's not just capital cities and major cities dominating the conversation, but it's small towns across the country -- particularly the South -- where open data conversations will become part of everyday conversations.

How Data Underlies the Mayor’s Vision in Seattle

The City of Seattle's data ecosystem -- including budget, performance, capital projects, developer engagement, and data.seattle.gov -- is improving outcomes in line with the Mayor's top agenda items.

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