What Works Cities – How the New Bloomberg Philanthropies Initiative Is Advancing Data- and Evidence-Based Governance

This past April, Bloomberg Philanthropies announced a new project aimed at helping mid-sized cities better use data and evidence – the $42 million What Works Cities initiative. Cities with populations between 100,000 and 1 million were eligible, and over 100 cities applied. To much fanfare, in August the first seven were named: New Orleans LA, Seattle WA, Tulsa OK, Chattanooga TN, Jackson MS, Louisville KY, and Mesa AZ.

The project leverages The Center for Government Excellence at Johns Hopkins – a new addition to the University’s 21st Century Cities Initiative. JHU is working to bring together city leaders and top researchers to confront the pressing needs of revitalizing cities throughout the country and abroad. They tapped Maryland State and Socrata alum Beth Blauer to lead the effort. Join Beth as she talks about the program’s current cohort, its goals, and how your city can benefit from the work they are doing.

Speaker: Beth Blauer, Executive Director, Johns Hopkins University Center for Government Excellence