What I Wish I Knew Then – Lessons From the Private Sector

What do you know today about government and technology that you wish you knew 5 years ago? You can’t change the past, but you can use the experience of others to make more informed decisions in the future!

Our esteemed group of presenters have excelled in both the public and private technology sectors: Karen Robinson, the Founder and CEO of Acuity Strategies, was formerly the CIO for the State of Texas; Kristen Russell, Director at Deloitte Digital, was formerly the CIO for the State of Colorado; and Claire Bailey, Director at Compuware, was formerly CTO for the State of Arkansas. They’ll talk about what they learned from working in local government that helped them get up to speed in private industry, and what they’ve learned since then that would have been useful in their civic days. From budgets to buy-in to big, big datasets, you won’t want to miss this plenary session full of lessons from the private sector.

Speaker: Karen Robinson, Founder and CEO, Acuity Strategies

Speaker: Kristin Russell, Director, Deloitte Digital

Speaker: Claire Bailey, Director of Federal, State and Local Mainframe Solutions, Compuware