Video: Local Government in San Mateo Empowers Citizens with Data Sharing

San Mateo County Shows How Local Government Can Empower Citizens with Data Sharing.

The expectations for government using technology in a place like San Mateo County could not be higher. The tech-savvy, Silicon Valley-based population expects open data and innovative uses for it. Local government believes it’s a great proving ground for empowering citizens with data sharing. “Translating [data] into information that people can use to improve their lives is very rewarding and something I look forward to every day,” says John Ridener, Open Data Community Liaison.

Data Puts Power in the Hands of Citizens

One of the ways in which San Mateo County has used open data to improve the lives of its residents is through a Web portal and business intelligence site where taxpayers can see how their money is being invested, check progress on public development projects, research county job openings/salaries, and much more.
Initially business intelligence was the biggest benefit of the open data portal, lately Ridener has been paying more attention to the internal return on investment. Open data helps people throughout the government save time and effort. For example, the new portal allowed Human Resources to automate a job classification table to be used by citizens.

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