Going Beyond Open Data – Socrata Citizen Engagement Solution

Our Open Data & Citizen Engagement Solution puts your open data program on the path to success and sustainability. Success means together we create a world in which citizens, businesses, and community organizations, including innovators and developers, are informed about what you’re doing, engaged in their community, and leverage opportunities to succeed.

Go Beyond Open Data
Our Open Data & Citizen Engagement solution goes beyond open data as we know it and helps your program move up the digital maturity curve. Citizens and businesses can answer questions they care about, researchers and analysts can analyze the data and share insights, and developers and entrepreneurs can use that data in a different way, to create apps, services, and, sometimes, entirely new businesses.

Tell Your Story to Your Citizens
Data alone, no matter how usable, cannot tell the story of what’s happening. For important topics and initiatives, it’s often necessary to put the data in context and give your subject matter experts a voice in telling a more complete story. It’s that narrative context that bridges the conversational gap with citizens and helps them engage more fully with their government and the programs they care about.

Show Data in the Right Context
Open data is an enabler for a broader digital strategy, so we’ve extended the open data platform to support the delivery of multiple new digital services to citizens and businesses. For example, Socrata’s Citizen Connect enables you to surface high-interest, public data a modern, user-optimized geospatial interface. It connects constituents with key information about the services they rely on, providing alerts, community-level analysis, and guided exploration of information that affects their daily lives.

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