Performance Management Is Improving the Constituent Experience in the City of Memphis

Jennifer Krause, Director of the Office of Performance Management in Memphis, TN, shares thoughts on transparency and accountability in performance management.

At Socrata Connect, Socrata's annual user conference, Krause spoke about the journey toward data-driven decision making in the city of Memphis. Collecting data, ensuring data quality, and transposing the data into a form that is useful for all team members, not just statisticians, has been an ongoing process.

Before Socrata, the city worked with another vendor and struggled to make the tool productive for their needs. After a year, they investigated other platforms and chose Socrata for its fully integrated services stack including data visualization and data publication.

Now, program managers are able to answer questions about performance on their own without needing the help of a programmer, leaving the performance management office available to help solve more complex problems.

The city is able to make better and faster decisions since there aren't as many obstacles to data-driven decision making.

Poverty, crime, and transit are key issues that the city of Memphis is currently facing. The city wants to tackle these issues and serve its constituents more efficiently and improve their quality of life by developing tools that empower people to get things done.

For Krause, working in city government has a meaningful way to serve the community and make a difference.


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