Video: Open Data Helps New Yorkers Engage With Government in New Ways

NYC Open Data coordinates data produced by the city government to produce insights on where New Yorkers live, work, and play.

If you’re curious about the number of noise complaints in your neighborhood, or the closest free wi-fi hotspot, NYC Open Data can help you find the answers to those and any number of resources, services and data points that prove useful to members of the community.

In this video, Albert Webber, NYC program manager for open data, and analyst Ralph Carvalho explain how New Yorkers can benefit from open data and open data can benefit from New Yorkers.

Deliver Data as Efficiently as Possible

The city has definitely engaged what it calls “the civic technology community,” says Webber, but it aims to get the attention of the entire city. “We want to engage all New Yorkers on Open Data because a lot of people they might not know this information exists, and they might not know how it can benefit them,” says Carvalho.

One way is to make it easier to get in touch with government in general, by building a different model for engaging with government. Whether it’s providing more data dictionaries with city information, or using technology to send data out to citizens.“There are lots of places we can go with open data. Going forward, the sky is the limit,” Webber says.

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