NYC Open Data Engages New Yorkers with Data Produced and Used by the City Government

NYC Open Data uses data produced by the city government to give insights on where you live, work or play while increasing transparency and accountability. If you’re curious about the number of noise complaints in your neighborhood, or the closest free wi-fi hotspot, NYC Open Data can help you find the answers.

NYC program manager for open data, Albert Webber and analyst Ralph Carvalho explain how New Yorkers can benefit from open data and open data can benefit from New Yorkers.

“What we want to do is we want to Engage all New Yorkers on Open Data because a lot of people they might not know this information exists, and they might not know how it can benefit them.”

-Ralph Carvalho, City of New York Analyst

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Data platform provided by Socrata with city backing from What Works Cities, the Sunlight Foundation, Bloomberg Philanthropies, and Results for America.