Video: Increasing Trust in Law Enforcement By Providing Context Behind Headlines

Can open data increase public trust? For law enforcement officials in Montgomery County, Maryland, open data has been just the thing to provide context around a complex issue. By making information easily available to the public, county government can offer citizens the ability to make more informed judgements. This can promote greater trust between government and its citizens, says Tom Manger, chief of police in Montgomery County.

“The more information [we] put out there, the more opportunities there are for the public to have that confidence in the police department,” Manger says. .

“Oftentimes, singular actions are misunderstood as trends.” says Sonny Segal, CIO Montgomery County Government. “Data allows us to evaluate trends, increase accountability, and help the police department gain the confidence of the public it serves,” he says.

Watch the video to learn more about open data in Montgomery County.