How Connecticut Attracts Users to Its Open Data Portal

Tyler Kleykamp, the Chief Data Officer for the state of Connecticut, manages the state’s open data program, with a goal of facilitating the use of data amongst agencies.

While some states have big developer or civic tech communities, Connecticut’s biggest data users are advocates for social issues, and people interested in the government’s performance. To attract these users, says Kleykamp, the portal launched with a large number of datasets, and a wide variety of them.

“There was something for everyone,” says Kleykamp, “so hopefully they would come back, keep up to date, understanding that we’d continue to publish data.”

Sharing data about the state’s communities, and understanding what makes them work (and what doesn’t) can help generate more solutions, says Kleykamp. “If we can get out of the business of only discussing the problems, but start discussing what the solutions are, that’s going to make everybody’s lives better and it’s going to have a real impact.”

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