Video: TEDxRainier speaker Deep Dhillon Discusses Data and the Power to Build

TEDxRainier speaker Deep Dhillon, the chief technology officer of Socrata, explains how data can be an empowering asset to rewire and transform every city. Harnessing, standardizing, and sharing civic data has the power to improve our cities and our lives.

Dhillon is the chief Technology Officer of Socrata, Inc., a privately-held cloud software company headquartered in Seattleā€™s historic Pioneer Square with offices in Washington, D.C. and London. He is an accomplished technologist with over 18-years of experience conceptualizing, architecting, and deploying multiple advanced networking applications. He specializes in leading startups and growing companies by developing their data science, distributed computing, and search capabilities.

Before joining Socrata, Dhillon served as a technology executive for companies such as Alliance Health Network, Evri, Insightful Corporation (now Tibco), and Cantametrix (now Sony). He holds several patents in natural language processing, and search and music analysis technologies.

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