Video: A Self-Service, One-Stop Shop for Data in Miami-Dade County

Increasing data literacy is a top priority in Miami-Dade County, Florida. And not just among citizens. Program Manager Mike Sarasti discusses how the easy-to-use program interface and data visualizations of Socrata’s platform have helped improve the jobs of county government’s internal workforce, and added value internally.

For example, the team has focused on API functionality to build on top of their data. Socrata offers out of the box visualizations that make it easy for the team to create internal dashboards and act on ideas quickly.
“There’s a bigger story we are trying to tell,” says Sarasti. “How do we make departments better at telling their own story?”

To be sure, Socrata’s platform also allows citizens to access and use the data more easily as well. People in Miami-Dade County can now complete public records requests via self-service. On the backend, the records request is automated and easier to maintain. And you don’t have to worry about who to ask to get the information you need. “The tools allow them to explore and help people become more data literate,” Sarasti says. Watch the video to learn more.