Bringing Data Out of Silos to Empower Departments and Citizens in Austin, TX

Jamila Siller leads business intelligence and statistics for the Office of Performance Management for the City of Austin. She considers it her job to put information out to the public in an easy-to-understand format.

She accomplishes that goal in a number of ways using Socrata products.

One way she reaching the public is by publishing maps on the city’s Socrata Open Data Portal. She say the geospatial information helps users understand exactly where trends are happening. Austin also uses Socrata Perspectives to tell, “a qualitative narrative story along with quantitative data that’s being pulled directly from the open data portal.”

Siller says, “One of things I appreciate about Socrata is that the data is ready and there for us to use right away. Instead of me having to go to different departments and request the information, it’s readily available for me to pull.”

“Before Socrata, I think our data was just siloed and housed within departments and I think that is very common when you’re dealing with governments and municipalities,” says Siller. “Socrata is absolutely powerful and it’s empowering to not only the departments but to our citizens,” says Siller.


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