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Socrata for Federal Government

Simplify your data-led digital transformation journey. Hosted in our FedRAMP certified secure environment, our Federal solution helps government workers, policymakers and citizens share, communicate and use data more effectively

Why Socrata for Federal Government

Strengthen Collaboration

Providing a central and secure data platform can increase trust and cooperation between departments. The Socrata for Federal platform leverages open architectures, open standards and open source to also engage external audiences for greater public transparency and increase inner-departmental efficiency.

Provide Insight

While data in its raw form has a multitude of uses, most people consume information differently. Socrata provides built-in visualization tools, interactive dashboards, web applications, and unique user experiences that help people to better understand the data in context of the issues it addresses.

Maximize Impact

Data can have a life after publication. Socrata’s scalable, secure, API-based data platform enables internal or external developers to innovate without having to build and maintain a data infrastructure on their own. This enables them to more easily use the data to develop solutions to real-world problems.

Leverage the Ecosystem

The Socrata platform supports the Open Data Network — a network of hundreds of federal, state, local, and NGO organizations and their published data. With this network, data can be federated to other relevant districts or government sites, enabling better collaboration and dissemination of information.

Socrata for Federal Government Products

Publica Open Data

Finance Cloud



Publica Open Data helps agencies of all sizes to publicly share their most valuable untapped asset — their data — and turn it into a rich stream of value for their constituents. Using Socrata Data Cloud, governments can create an easily discoverable webpage and information portal where they can share important information with their constituents. Once there, data can be accessed by government employees as well as published to constituents; any user can create charts, maps, dashboards, and many other visualizations, bringing context and insight into what the data has to reveal.

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Finance Cloud is designed exclusively to help utilize financial data to improve cost efficiency, shift to an effective self-service citizen experience, and improve financial transparency and accountability statewide. can display the operating revenues, operating expenses, and details of the capital budget onto a branded website. You can keep the experience up-to-date by showing your budget versus actuals throughout the year and replacing static reports. Visitors will learn about the priorities of their government and how those priorities impact quality of life. Our solution gives unprecedented insight into where tax dollars are being collected and spent.

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Performance helps define and track data-driven goals over time. Using Socrata Open Performance, organizations can stimulate discussion, drive consensus, and communicate with constituents. Data can be used to create data-driven measures and goals, which are constantly updated as more data is collected and published over time. In this way, governments and constituents can keep track of progress, governments can use the information to make data-driven decisions on how to approach or modify their strategies, and constituents can get insight into how their governments are delivering on their promises.

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Perspectives is an online tool that allows customers to create stories around their data. It is tightly integrated with the core Socrata platform and lets subject matter experts share the insights they’ve derived from their data. Authors can place dynamic Socrata-powered visualizations on a page and enrich them with textual narration; add third-party content like images, videos and advanced visualizations; and then publish the finished story to internal or external audiences.

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NASA continues to make the impossible possible by fostering an innovative community of researchers, scientists, coders, and data geeks

Socrata is honored to have partnered with the Innovation Team at NASA to drive a growing community of interest with 31,382 datasets, 195 code repositories, and 36 APIs.

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CMS released Open Payments to report financial relationships between manufacturers with physicians and hospitals

The Affordable Care Act requires the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) to collect this information, and CMS partnered with Socrata to publish the data and make it searchable, understandable, and usable by the public.

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The Institute of Museum and Library Services

The Institute of Museum and Library Services (IMLS) provides data about grants, museums, libraries and related organizations to support researchers, developers and the general public who want to dig deeper.

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Federal Customers

U.S. Department of Commerce
U.S. Department of Transportation
Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services

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