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Putting insight into the hands of the public

Data holds the keys to social change. When data is inaccessible, information is hidden, insights are obscured, and effort is wasted. Socrata Publica™ helps governments utilize their data to engage the citizens they serve and achieve lasting social and economic change in their communities.

Who Uses Socrata Publica

Elected Officials and Policymakers

Heads of government should have the easiest and most comprehensive access to data. Unfortunately, this is not always the case. Better access to quality data allows government officials and legislators to have a stronger pulse on the issues in their communities and find data-informed ways to help resolve problems.

Government Employees

Government employees are the hands and feet of any administration, doing the work of the people. Data can equip them to make informed decisions and anticipate problems before they arise. Operational efficiency at all levels is achievable when information is available and meaningful in the right context.

Residents and Businesses

Citizens want information about the public services that are available to them and businesses want data to help them with their new and existing ventures. Access to data helps constituents understand, appreciate, and give credit to the efforts being taken by their government on their behalf.

Developers and Advocates

Innovation only needs a little inspiration, which open data can supply. Local hackathons encourage developers to find ways to use public data to benefit local communities. Community organizers and advocates love using data to help support their causes and claim victories when their work shows progress.

Why Open Data?

Socrata’s cloud-based solution allows government organizations to put their data online, make data-driven decisions, operate more efficiently, and share insights with citizens.

Data Discoverability

Socrata Publica™ makes it easy to publish data to the web and have it be discoverable by all interested parties. Socrata provides multiple tools to ensure that your data is surfaced as often as possible to the right audiences at the right time.

  • Publish datasets on any topic that can be up to hundreds of millions of rows long, including: geospatial data, financial data, public safety data, and much more
  • Use a global search interface to find the data you are looking for and take advantage of built-in SEO optimization to enable data to be found via standard web browser searches
  • Get insight into your most popular datasets with a summary page that provides the most important statistics about your uploaded content

Visualization and Context

Charts and graphs allow you to transform data from letters and numbers into understandable images that convey information quickly. With visualizations, anyone can more easily understand trends, gaps, and how to respond appropriately.

  • Visualize your data with Socrata Visualizations to better see and understand the data through charts, graphs, maps, table views, and more
  • Create an analytical dashboard with a Socrata Data Lens page to get immediate insight from the data, without having to create charts manually
  • Include a narrative with a Socrata Perspectives page to provide background context for the data, as well as explain conclusions and next steps

Sharing and Usability

Maximizing the value of data means making it available to as many people as possible. Socrata provides several tools to empower data users to easily access and utilize the data in creative ways.

  • Share any data asset on Socrata Publica with others directly through the built-in data catalog or on social media
  • Embed content within existing websites or build a customized, attractive open data homepage of your own
  • Syndicate datasets from other nearby localities to increase the context and meaning of the data
  • Give technical developers, innovators, and entrepreneurs easy access to the data through the Socrata Open Data API (SODA)


Citizen Connect

Citizen Connect automates the information needs of a City Council and their constituents. Constituents often struggle to understand what services are available to them, who their representatives are, and why they should care. Citizen Connect gives them a mobile-reflexive interface that makes 311 data and other commonly requested service-level information available and accessible in a geospatial context. It surfaces high-value information around public services, community facilities, and citizen inquiries in a user-friendly format optimized for citizen consumption and allows citizens to sign-up to be alerted when something they care about changes.

Socrata Visualizations

Socrata Visualizations provides a visualization engine that allows you to transform data from letters and numbers into understandable images that convey information quickly.

Socrata Data Lens

Socrata Data Lens is a Socrata innovation that leverages machine learning to quickly analyze and get immediate insight from the data by instantly generating an analytical dashboard, without having to create charts manually.

Socrata Perspectives

Socrata Perspectives allows governments to create narrative web pages that clearly put data in context, as well as enhance the data with links to other resources, including additional data, supporting web pages, images, videos, and other types of multimedia.

“An open and transparent administration makes it easier for residents to hold their government accountable, but it also serves as a platform for innovative tools that improve the lives of all residents.”

Mayor Rahm EmanuelChicago, Il

“Data should be for everyone. It shouldn’t just be for someone who submits a public records request.”

Mike HernandezDirector of Communications, Miami-Dade County, FL

“What Open Data has done for us is really allow a centralized repository where internally we can take steps toward solving solutions across departments by looking at each other’s data.”

Julie SteensonDeputy Performance Officer, Kansas City, MO

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