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Building Trust Through Community-Oriented Policing

Public safety is a top concern for every neighborhood in every district. Socrata Public Safety™ provides foundational tools for every public safety agency to help keep residents informed, establish organizational goals to maintain accountability, and engage citizens to partner with law enforcement in making their streets safer.

Who Uses Socrata Public Safety

Police Chiefs and Sheriffs

Law enforcement leaders utilize Socrata Public Safety to provide an ongoing communication channel, support local engagement, and disseminate information. Clarity and accuracy help build trust between the department and the community.


Local residents use Socrata Public Safety to answer key questions about the safety of their community. Where have the latest incidents taken place? What are the local police doing about it? How can I provide more information?

Government Leaders

Government officials are often held accountable to ensuring that public safety is a priority. With understandable reports and access to underlying data, leaders are able to be well informed and educated when addressing the community about the current state of public safety.

Dallas PD: The Police Data Initiative One Year In

Dallas Police Chief David Brown talks about the approach his department took in releasing public safety data, and the quantifiable improvements that occurred as a result.

Transparency and Trust

Socrata Public Safety allows objective data about law enforcement activities and the state of public safety to be published openly and honestly to the community. Doing so enables a stronger foundation for trust and communication between law enforcement and the public.

  • Publish up to 24 months of incident data with a customized CrimeReports™ interface, so citizens can see the latest crime activities in their area
  • Clearly and accurately represent the positive work accomplished by the department on the whole, and put outlier situations in context to preserve trust and support for the department
  • Promote activities and opportunities for residents to engage and learn more about what law enforcement does and how they can help
  • Communicate proactively by incorporating analytical content from Socrata Publica™ or crime maps from CrimeReports to your local PD webpage or social media channels

Community-Oriented Policing

Healthy communities often recognize that public safety is a result of the community working together as a whole. By providing foundational information, communities are better equipped to keep their eyes open and take safe, appropriate action when suspicious activity takes place.

  • Tools to contextualize information, such as the mapping capability of CrimeReports or the narrative approach of Socrata Perspectives helps make issues easier to understand and more personally relatable
  • Smartphone and tablet users can sign up for local alerts on their devices when new incidents are reported on CrimeReports
  • Residents can register their personal security cameras to augment video evidence of crimes that may happen in their immediate vicinity
  • The community can also keep law enforcement more accountable to their performance as more data about incidents and outcomes are shared openly

Strategic Decision-Making

Data is often used to reveal areas where more attention is needed. Socrata Public Safety supplements advanced policing analytic solutions by providing contextual and understandable information to citizens and officers when they need it.

  • With the capabilities of Socrata Publica, law enforcement agencies can provide a central, accessible data repository for anyone to view and analyze policing data
  • By centralizing data from multiple sources, it becomes easier to analyze data across systems to reveal what areas are in need of more attention
  • Anytime access to data can help officers understand recent trends quickly and respond with more context before entering a potentially dangerous situation



CrimeReports plots crime incidents on an interactive map which enables agencies and citizens to be better informed and engaged about public safety in their area.

  • What incidents have occurred in my area recently?
  • How has crime been trending in my neighborhood?
  • Where can I submit a crime tip?
  • How can I help keep my community safe and learn more about law enforcement?

Socrata Publica™

Socrata Publica enables public safety departments to publish all relevant data they have about the current activities being taken to ensure quality of life for local residents.

  • Share data about the department’s activities
  • Present information in intuitive and interactive charts
  • Equip developers, journalists, and community advocates with built-in tools to extend the life of the data

Socrata Performance™

Socrata Performance helps public safety departments define and track data-driven goals over time, communicate progress, and provide context around areas of focus.

  • Share metrics that are being tracked
  • Highlight departmental activities and invite participation
  • Automatically update metrics over time as data is updated

Socrata Public Finance™

Socrata Public Finance provides financial transparency for public safety departments, which may include budget detail, expenditures detail, or payroll detail.

  • Show how the department’s budget is allocated
  • Provide transparency into what public safety departments are spending on
  • Share the payroll by role, by name, or anonymously

“We believe first that the data we have belongs to citizens and we’re the caretakers of that data. That was a big step to make that our mantra; that the data was the citizens’ data not the police’s data.”

David BrownChief of Police
Dallas Police Department

“It’s all about transparency and accountability. I think this is a way to show them we’re accountable … They are free to take that information themselves and do their own analysis. I think this is important for the public to have full information to look at public safety in their neighbourhoods, in their communities”

Stephane ContreEdmonton’s chief analytics officer

“You need to release the good, the bad, and the ugly, so the public is confident you’re showing them everything.”

Mike WagersFormer Seattle Police Department COO

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