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Performance Improvement & Accountability

Our Performance Improvement and Accountability Solution is a strategic approach that uses our data-as-a-service platform to support investment and policy decisions to achieve your performance goals. By providing key information to help decision makers understand the consequences of investment decisions, you can ensure targets and measures are based on data. Telling the full story is critical, communicating to the public and to legislators what you’re able to do and not able to do, given the resources available.

Why Performance Improvement and Accountability

Government Transformation

Empower government workers to create data-driven goals that can be measured and establish performance baselines based on internal data metrics. Maximizing success is reliant on monitoring progress, adjusting activities, and evaluating the effectiveness of programs and moving towards making data-led decisions.

Create Context

Leverage data science to reduce the publisher burden and auto-generated, intuitive user experiences. We have an established success methodology based on experience with the most innovative government customers in the world. Provides a dashboard to give anyone a quick overview of how the government is doing in pursuit of their goals.


Transform information into actionable insights automatically create insight-rich experiences from raw data. Give your experts a voice and tell story through living data, visualizations and analysis. Collaborate with internal and external sources around data to crowd-source insights. Data-science-as-a-service simplifies analysis challenges and reduces time-to-insight.

Performance Improvement & Accountability Products



Finance Cloud

Capital Projects Explorer

Performance helps define and track data-driven goals over time. Using Socrata Open Performance, organizations can stimulate discussion, drive consensus, and communicate with constituents. Data can be used to create data-driven measures and goals, which are constantly updated as more data is collected and published over time. In this way, governments and constituents can keep track of progress, governments can use the information to make data-driven decisions on how to approach or modify their strategies, and constituents can get insight into how their governments are delivering on their promises.

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Perspectives is an online, software-based tool that allows customers to create stories around their data. It is tightly integrated with the core Socrata platform and lets subject matter experts share the insights they’ve derived from their data. Authors can place dynamic Socrata-powered visualizations on a page and enrich them with text narration; add third-party content like images, videos and advanced visualizations; and then publish the finished story to internal or external audiences.

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Finance Cloud is designed exclusively to help utilize financial data to improve cost efficiency, shift to an effective self-service citizen experience, and improve financial transparency and accountability statewide. Our solution gives unprecedented insight into where tax dollars are being collected and spent.

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Capital Projects Explorer is an easy-to-use, easy-to-deploy dashboard that explains spending on capital projects. Citizens explore their neighborhoods, examine projects in progress, and see their tax dollars at work. Capital Projects Explorer offers a simple, accessible, mobile, and responsive experience that allows internal administrators and members of the public alike to better understand timelines and budgets for repairs and new construction.

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City of Jackson, MS

“If we put the data in front of us, and let the data lead the narrative, then we have the ability to have a viable conversation with constituents who might not be aware what’s really happening.”

Justin Bruce, Director of Innovation and Performance for the city of Jackson

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City of Edmonton

Working with Socrata, Edmonton has, for the second year in a row, been named the most Open City in Canada. They have built an attractive dashboard for their citizens that shares City performance measures and supporting data.

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Performance Improvement and Accountability Customers

Montgomery County
Fulton County, GA

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