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Proactively engaging and improving communities

The true value of data is measured by the positive action taken as a result of understanding the data. Socrata Performance™ helps governments identify specific, measurable goals founded on actual data to help them become more operationally efficient, effectively meet constituent needs, and create economic growth in their communities.

Who Uses Socrata Performance

Executive Offices

New administrations are often elected based on specific improvement platforms. Publishing a central dashboard of goals helps ensure that those promises are being addressed appropriately and proactively.

Government Departments and Agencies

Whether it’s a public health department, public safety, public transportation, or any other organization, providing transparency into how goals are progressing demonstrates that progress is being made and money is being invested wisely.

Public Programs and Projects

Large or small, all programs and projects have milestones or goals that can be measured and tracked. An open display of progress is an important part of staying on track, on budget, and promoting the success of the project.

Louisville Drives Better Outcomes With Data

From ambulance response rates to public safety data, hear how Louisville is using data to answer key business questions.

A Holistic Performance Program

It’s not enough to announce some targets and then hope that they get accomplished somewhere along the way. Socrata Performance™ helps government organizations fully define and manage specific goals to fulfill campaign promises and serve constituent needs.

  • Create goals based on the latest data uploaded to the system across as many departmental or functional areas needed
  • Use data connectors to easily keep data fresh with minimal human intervention
  • Organize your goals from a single dashboard that shows the status of all goals from a single view
  • Scale your performance program up or down as needed, expanding to additional areas, or by focusing on the top priorities for your government

Active Problem Solving

By making teams and departments accountable to achieving their goals, they become incented to function as efficiently as possible. Providing insight into progress gives a team the ability to adjust, improve, and optimize their efforts to maximize their likelihood of success.

  • Publish the goals to keep teams accountable to the executive office as well as local citizens
  • See trends over time in order to assess current efforts and determine if changes need to be made
  • Make tactical changes midstream to maximize a team or department effectiveness and likelihood for success
  • Foster a learning environment by trying new things when it can make a difference, rather than trying to understand what to do after the fact

Engaged Communities

Transparency into the government’s priorities gives citizens the insight to know if their tax dollars are being put to good use. By communicating clearly to constituents, citizens can provide feedback more easily, and governments can be more responsive to the feedback they receive.

  • Describe the goal in plain language and define it as a goal to increase, reduce, maintain, or just measure a metric by a specified date
  • Add narrative and context to individual goals to communicate the goal’s importance, how it is being measured, how the issue is being addressed, and additional supporting information
  • Clearly articulate ways in which the community can get involved
  • Keep data refreshed regularly so the community can see progress being made over time


Data-driven Metrics

Metrics are defined based on specific datasets. As new data is added and refreshed, the measures are automatically updated without any additional intervention.

Socrata Perspectives

Socrata Perspectives puts the goal in context, as well as enhance the data with links to other resources, including additional data, supporting web pages, images, videos, and other types of multimedia.

Goal Dashboard

Goal dashboards in Socrata Performance make it easy to get an overview of all of the initiatives being worked on, see how each goal is progressing, and manage or reorganize the goals for maximum coverage and clarity.

“I initiated the CountyStat program because I feel strongly that our residents have the right to expect every County department and employee to be responsive and accountable for every aspect of the services they are providing.”

Ike LeggettCounty Executive, Montgomery County, MD

“They are engaging with the city and talking about data, city statistics, in a way that they never would have otherwise. That’s what you want with community engagement – that you get people involved who haven’t been involved.”

Chris HernandezDirector of City Communications, Kansas City, MO

“We are setting and tracking goals, not just so that we know how we, as the government, is doing, but so that the community can hold us accountable.”

Mayor Andy BerkeChattanooga, TN

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