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Our Financial Insights Solution allows you to use your financial data to improve cost efficiency, increase operational insights and financial oversight, and develop transparency and accountability both inside of your organization and with your citizens. Citizens are motivated to understand where their tax dollars are being collected and spent. Every aspect is designed to improve cost efficiency, shift to a self-service citizen experience, and improve accountability.

Why Use Socrata for Financial Insights?


Unleash Siloed Data

Our Financial Transparency Solution turns previously siloed data into actionable information through sharing, gathering, and reporting.



With a more engaged populous than ever, agencies worldwide are looking to be more transparent with where tax dollars be being allocated. Socrata’s interactive dashboards allow agencies to put their data where their citizens are, increasing the access, utilization, and consumption of that data.


Cost Reduction

Staff and citizens can easily gain clarity through built-in reports, enabling proactive issue, fraud, and trend identification. Socrata ensures simplicity in deployment of a single source of data which eases communication of information to both internal teams and to the public.


Real-Time Results

Rather than waiting days, weeks, and sometimes months for reports to be produced by busy staffers, leaders can gather instant insights at any time and on any device to understand how organizations are doing.

Tools and Apps

Insights Dashboard

Publica Data Cloud

Open Budget

Open Expenditures

Open Payroll

Capital Projects Explorer

Insights Dashboard is a user-friendly application for the exploration, analysis, and benchmarking of regional budgetary and expenditure data. Built to handle complicated financial monitoring programs, Insights Dashboard is an early warning system enabling proactive actions for complex fiscal problems.

Publica Data Cloud can display the operating revenues, operating expenses, and details of the capital budget onto a branded website. You can keep the experience up-to-date by showing your budget versus actuals throughout the year and replacing static reports. Visitors will learn about the priorities of their government and how those priorities impact quality of life.

Open Budget is an easy-to-use app that publishes the operating revenues, operating expenses, and the details of your capital budget onto a branded website. You can keep the experience up-to-date by showing your budget versus actuals throughout the year and replacing static reports. Visitors on their desktops, tablets, and smartphones learn about government priorities and  impacts on their lives and neighborhoods.

Open Expenditures allows the public and internal stakeholders to easily understand and explore checkbook-level detail of spending. You can keep the experience up-to-date by automatically publishing new data to Socrata platform. Visitors will be able to learn about spending and contracting in their department and find specific, detailed answers to a wide variety of questions.

Open Payroll publishes payroll information onto a branded website. Visitors receive instant answers to common questions, including total size of the payroll, highest-paid employees, highest-paid departments, median pay, and more.

Capital Projects Explorer is an easy-to-use, easy-to-deploy dashboard that explains spending on capital projects. Citizens explore their neighborhoods, examine projects in progress, and see their tax dollars at work. Capital Projects Explorer offers a simple, accessible, mobile, and responsive experience that allows internal administrators and members of the public alike to better understand timelines and budgets for repairs and new construction.

State of Michigan

The State of Michigan partnered with Socrata to take themselves from an 87 point (B+) U.S. PIRG rating to a perferct 100 points (A+) in just eight weeks.

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State of Massachusetts

“We literally cut out not just the middleman, we’ve cut out a whole group and a layer of bureaucracy around those public records requests that is going to allow free and open access to the data.”

Tom Shack, Comptroller of the Commonwealth, Massachusetts

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Financial Transparency Customers

City of Seattle
City of Topeka
County of Maui
City of Los Angeles

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