County Government

Counties, Boroughs, Parishes, City-Counties, and more

Why Socrata for County Government

County Executives

Ensure county residents are aware of their local issues and the measures the executive office is taking to deliver on top priorities.

School Boards

Share information about the performance of teachers and individual schools so that parents and tax payers can know how well their children and the future workforce are being equipped for the future.


Whether it’s road conditions or public transit schedules, public access to transportation information is vital to building and maintaining a local economy.

Financial Transparency

Although government funding can originate from county taxes or allocations from the state, residents and voters feel better when they know what is happening with that money.

County Product Solutions

Socrata Publica™

Socrata Publica enables local governments to take their data and turn it into a vital and vibrant asset that promotes public services, strengthens accountability, and makes a tangible economic impact on the community.

Socrata Performance™

Socrata Performance helps define and track data-driven goals over time, communicate progress, and provide context around the efforts local governments are making to better their communities and the lives of their citizens.

Socrata Public Finance™

Socrata Public Finance provides a holistic solution for capturing and sharing financial activities and priorities understandably with internal government employees or the general public

Socrata Public Safety™

Socrata Public Safety enables police and other public safety departments to share their data, increase transparency into their performance and goals, and instill greater trust and engagement with their communities.

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