Socrata Solutions

Socrata provides solutions exclusively for city, county, state and federal government organizations, allowing government data to be discoverable, usable, and actionable for government knowledge workers and the citizens they serve.

Financial Insights

Our Financial Insights Solution allows you to use your financial data to improve cost efficiency, increase operational insights and financial oversight, and develop transparency and accountability both inside of your organization and with your citizens. Citizens are motivated to understand where their tax dollars are being collected and spent. Every aspect is designed to improve cost efficiency, shift to a self-service citizen experience, and improve accountability.

Open Data & Citizen Engagement

Our Open Data & Citizen Engagement Solution puts your open data program on the path to success and sustainability. Success means together we create a world in which citizens, businesses, and community organizations, including innovators and developers, are informed about what you’re doing, engaged in their community, and leverage opportunities to succeed.

Performance Improvement & Accountability

Our Performance Improvement and Accountability Solution is a strategic approach that uses our data-as-a-service platform to support investment and policy decisions to achieve your performance goals. By providing key information to help decision makers understand the consequences of investment decisions, you can ensure targets and measures are based on data. Telling the full story is critical, communicating to the public and to legislators what you’re able to do and not able to do, given the resources available.

Socrata for Federal Government

Simplify your data-led digital transformation journey. Hosted in our FedRAMP certified secure environment, our Federal solution helps government workers, policymakers and citizens share, communicate and use data more effectively.

Products that support our solutions

Capital Projects Explorer

Citizen Connect

Insights Dashboard

Open Finance