Socrata’s Digital Government Blueprint

Every government faces its own distinct set of challenges, and every program’s goals and initiatives are unique. Since 2008, Socrata has helped hundreds of governments maximize the value of their data and realize their goals.

Socrata meets governments where they are, whether it’s publishing the first dataset, or building innovative programs that evolve government success. We deliver results by ensuring a strong foundation, access to best practices, and ongoing support. Each custom implementation plan includes strategic planning, team education, design collaboration, data preparation, and site configuration leading up to launch. After the program is live, we map the next steps to keep your program growing and evolving for long term success.

Through a programmatic, proven approach with an integrated team of consulting, education, and support professionals, our Socrata Experts follow a customer success roadmap that insures the program stays on schedule and delivers quality results.

Consulting Services

The consulting team follows our proven Socrata Implementation Methodology to consistently deliver effective results. We help unlock the value of your data so you can realize improvements in operational efficiency, greater economic impact, and an improved quality of life for your constituents.

Each government has different goals and objectives they are asked to deliver on each year and term. Our approach provides improved capabilities that enable you to better execute on those goals and objectives. The Socrata Implementation Methodology is the roadmap that we use to help governments manage their data in a scalable and sustainable way.

Socrata’s consulting team has federal, state, and local government industry expertise. Post-launch, consulting coaches are also available on an on-going basis.

Socrata Implementation Methodology


eGovernment: eBaseline

At this stage, internal leaders are focusing on compliance and efficiency. They are building infrastructure and inter-agency sharing, with an eye on how data can drive constituent satisfaction.

Open Government: Experimental

Constituents and internal stakeholders start to see the value of data – and ask for more, leading to an increase in agency sharing and data availability. Governments start to realize the benefits of transparency and openness.

Data-centric Government: Conversational

By now a department has taken over strategic data management, and most public data is open by default. Greater internal data sharing is yielding improvements in efficiency and data-based decision making. Constituents become more engaged and see how their government is working for them.

Digital Government: Collaborative

Community members unite and engage with program leaders to bring the value of data to the public in a meaningful, collaborative way. Free-flowing data leads to richer discover, analytics, and innovation -transforming the way government serves constituents.

Smart Government: Innovative

When a cycle of data-based innovation and optimization becomes predictable and repeatable, the public and private sector are united by using data to make the community a better place to live, work, and play. Connected data is at the core of strategy, execution, and analysis.

Continued Success

Education Services

Our educational approach is focused on knowledge transfer and best practices to enable your team to maximize the value of your data platform investment. Annual subscriptions are available in varying levels to meet the needs of your staff — whether you’re educating new users, or developing power users. The flexible program allows all your Socrata users to take courses defined in the program as many times as they need for the entire year.

We offer a variety of venues to make it easier for users to get educated in the format that is best for them, including: instructor-led, virtual, self-paced, and custom courses.

Education Annual Subscription Programs

Education Passes: 2 Tickets to Socrata Connect with Travel Voucher: $4000

Annual subscription programs include courses defined within each program in which all customer team members can take as many courses as they want, as many times as they want, within their subscription dates.

Support Services

After your program has launched, use our community portal to connect with other Socrata customers. Or, check out our online help and knowledge center for quick and easy answers. And when you need to talk to someone, give us a call. We’re available via phone on weekdays from 6 am PT/9 am ET through 6 pm PT/9 pm ET, and any customer can log issues or questions online 24/7.

Socrata’s ongoing Support Services provides the guidance to keep your team moving forward in their continuous evolution through the maturity stages. We offer packages to fit the ways you prefer to connect, from a basic program with limited services to a fully supported solution in our Platinum program. We also offer a Managed care program for more customized solutions that require a full system support program.

Support Service Packages

*12×5 defined as: 6:00am – 6:00pm U.S. Pacific Standard Time, Monday-Friday, excluding U.S. Federal Holidays (Business Hours)

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