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Socrata for Federal Government is the premier digital data platform hosted in the cloud

Helping government workers, policymakers, researchers, data geeks, civic developers, and storytellers find, share, communicate and use data every day

Why Socrata for Federal Government

Strengthen Collaboration

Providing a central and secure data platform can increase trust and cooperation between multiple departments. The Socrata platform leverages open architectures, open standards, and open source to also engage external audiences for greater public transparency and common effort towards departmental goals.

Provide Insight

While data in its raw form has a multitude of uses, most people consume information differently. Socrata provides built-in visualization tools, interactive dashboards, web applications, and unique user experiences that help people to better understand the data in context of the issues it addresses.

Maximize Impact

Data can have a life after publication. Socrata’s scalable, secure, API-based data platform enables internal or external developers to innovate without having to build and maintain a data infrastructure on their own. This enables them to more easily use the data to develop solutions to real-world problems.

Leverage the Ecosystem

The Socrata platform supports the Open Data Network — a network of hundreds of federal, state, local, and NGO organizations and their published data. With this network, data can be federated to other relevant districts or government sites, enabling better collaboration and dissemination of information.

Featured Assets

The Health Data Revolution

Leading government health organizations are sharing valuable health data to fuel business innovation and accelerates research. Why is this important? These efforts lead to improved quality, reduced costs, and increased transparency in the market.

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Federal Finance Data & the Impact of the DATA Act

Two years ago, Congress passed the Digital Accountability and Transparency Act (DATA Act), America’s first open data law, which requires the federal government to publish all its spending information as standardized, open data.

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How to Comply with Federal Open Data Policy

U.S. Federal agencies face a number of new requirements to make data “open and machine-readable by default.” Learn what that means and how Socrata can help you achieve compliance.

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