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Large urban metropolitan areas differ greatly from small towns, but all municipal governments have the same agenda: to maximize the quality of life for their residents. Socrata can meet the needs of cities and townships of all sizes to empower residents and businesses with relevant, meaningful data.

Who Uses Socrata for City Government

Large Cities
(Population: over 1M)

The largest cities in the world often rival states or even small countries in the number of people and the size of budgets they manage. With the level of complexity these cities face, empowering citizens with data can help them get around more easily and maximize their engagement with their city’s services and government.

Mid-Sized Cities
(Population: over 100K)

Mid-size cities often look for ways to grow their economies and make the most out of every tax dollar. Publishing data about the community can help mid-sized cities attract large investments and support local business growth, helping increase number of jobs, grow tax revenue, and improve quality of life for all constituents.

Small Cities
(Population: less than 100K)

Financial transparency is an important area for smaller city governments that want to maintain a strong, close-knit relationship with their constituents. Socrata offers affordable solutions for small cities who want to establish a culture of transparency with their communities now and into the future.

Solutions for City Government

Economic Growth

Creating a resource of public data can become a source of innovation for new businesses and services. Socrata provides solutions to help manage the full lifecycle of data – from publishing data sets all the way to empowering developers to build applications that make the data relevant and profitable. Find out more about Socrata Publica™ and the Socrata Open Data API (SODA) to learn how these solutions can spur economic growth in your city.

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Data-Driven Performance Indicators

Local governments strive to represent and serve their constituents well. Data-driven metrics ensure that everyone is speaking the same language as they continue to solve problems efficiently. By publishing and tracking key metrics, residents can respond accordingly by making their voices heard through direct feedback and voting at the polls. Learn more about Socrata Performance™ and how it can help your municipality measure and monitor your goals.

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Financial Transparency

Taxes are necessary for running the business of government. As residents and local businesses contribute, they want to know how their tax dollars are being used, and they want to see how those investments are helping their communities. Socrata Public Finance™ gives unprecedented insight into where government money is originating from, where it is being spent, and why those allocations were made. Learn more now.

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Urban Public Safety

The largest cities often have a diverse population in terms of socio-economic and ethic makeup. Public safety is a concern that impacts everyone, and different groups may view public safety agencies differently. Socrata Public Safety™ can help police departments and other public safety department build trust, engage the different communities, and continue to establish and achieve data-driven goals that directly impact the communities they serve and protect.

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Featured Assets

How Chicago Is Growing Its Open Data Economy

For Chicago, investing in developers has led to new collaborations and the development of businesses that create useful products and contribute to the economy using open data.

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How to Use Feedback to Tailor your Open Data Program

After the Providence, RI debuted their Open Budget website, they collected feedback and worked with Socrata to customize their portal to better accommodate the needs of citizens and internal users.

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The Citizen Experience Takes Center Stage in Raleigh

Raleigh locals with a passion for technology reached out to the City with ideas on how to improve the quality of life in the region. A group of activists joined together to form Code for Raleigh to promote the use of public data to address local issues.

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