Socrata Segments

Serving governments and nonprofits of all sizes

Every type and size of government can find value in Socrata segments to open up their data and turn it into a vital asset. See how Socrata can address the different needs of governments of different size and scope.

Federal Government

Every federal department has the opportunity to open up their data, increase transparency, improve collaboration, and maximize their impact. See how Socrata can help.

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State Government

From the governor to the controller and the police chief, find out how Socrata can help your state government improve the quality of life for your residents.

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County Government

Whether it’s for the county executive, sheriff, school board, or transportation department, Socrata can help your county operate more efficiently.

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City Government

Whether your city population numbers into the millions or just a few thousand, Socrata can scale to support as much or as little as you need to engage your citizens and empower them with the information they need in their daily lives.

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U.S. Non­profits and International Organizations

Non-profits and international multilateral organizations often come under similar scrutiny from the public and funding organizations to open up their data and their financial books for increased transparency and accountability.

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