Effective data-driven storytelling lets governments go beyond simply making data open. Socrata Perspectives gives governments the ability to easily visualize data and effectively connect the dots between policy and outcomes with a compelling narrative — improving how they engage with government knowledge workers, legislators, citizens, and the business community.

Why Perspectives?

Perspectives allows governments to create narrative web pages that clearly put data in context, and enhance the data with links to other resources, including additional data, supporting web pages, images, videos, and other types of multimedia.

Context to frame the data

Novice users often require a narrative to help understand how the data supports the argument being presented

Build your own custom dashboard

Easily build a dashboard that includes the best data available for a holistic view of an issue

Ensure a beautiful, usable experience

Socrata’s focus on usability means that anyone can make an attractive web page without needing to write code or have a technical background

Compelling Storytelling

You need to capture the attention of your audience with interactive and data-driven narratives that directly address key issues and questions from your constituency.

  • Drive community action by guiding citizens through the process of discovering the data, understanding what it shows, and caring about important issues
  • Save time and effort around creating reports by making them more comprehensive, self-updating, and reusable over time
  • Mitigate risk and maximize impact by making data easier to consume by leaders, employees, and citizens

Realize the Value of your Data

Making data public is only the first step. Putting that data in context helps constituents understand and care about what the data means to them.

  • Maximize your investment in data by bringing it to life in an engaging narrative
  • Mitigate risk of public misperceptions by using data and visualizations to tell the full story
  • Attract citizens and businesses to your community by celebrating achievements and measurable accomplishments with the public
  • Become a trusted source of truth by making information interactive, memorable, and understandable, especially for complex topics

Perspectives Customers

City of Seattle
City of Austin
City of Los Angeles
Metropolitan Airports Commission
Calgary Citizen Dashboard
City of Auburn
City of Edmonton

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