Technology Partners

Build public-sector technologies and solutions. Connect to Socrata’s open data platform and go to market with us.

You can become a tech partner if your business …

…develops Data Solutions for Public Sector. SISVs and developers create complementary technologies and custom solutions or develop, market, and sell apps using the Socrata open-data API. These apps can focus on civic improvement, healthcare, cyber security, intelligence, research data, and performance management.

…brings Technologies Together into a Packaged Public-Sector Solution. SISVs, SIs, and OEMs license software to include as part of the software stack in systems sold through public sector contracts, with the opportunity to “white label” the Socrata solution.

Accelerate the Market

  • Develop mission and performance-related data solutions for public-sector customers
  • Raise adoption and use of your apps with our App Developer Program
  • Access our customer list, including products and connectors used
  • Make use of Socrata’s data utility and engineering expertise
  • Develop critical skills through our Partner Portal and Socrata API training
  • Get the answers you need from our Support and Developer forums
  • Support your customers’ program and performance-based decisions through data governance and use