Utah DOT’s Data Connects State Funding Directly to Outcomes

Case Study

In the coming year, state transportation departments across the country expect to receive more than one trillion dollars in federal funds for new projects. State legislators will be responsible for deciding how those funds are used, including what percentage of that money will go to new projects and how much will be applied to existing projects. In order to ensure they are making the best decisions, legislators will be looking to the leaders of transportation departments to supply them with accurate analytics of department data and data-driven recommendations.

Department of Transportation leaders who want to learn how to better supply that information should look no further than the example set by the Utah Department of Transportation (UDOT).

For the staff at UDOT, communicating the department’s performance has been difficult in the past. Now, since they moved their annual Strategic Direction report to the cloud, the department is able to regularly update, track, and communicate their performance to stakeholders and the general public. Their efforts have resulted in:

  • 100s of hours of staff time saved that went towards building the previous report
  • 7 months of time saved by using a report based in the cloud instead of a printed PDF
  • 25 charts and graphs that dynamically update with new data

Download this case study to learn more about the ways UDOT has embraced open data to make progress towards their strategic outcomes.

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