The Massachusetts Financial Insights Toolkit


Imagine someone else was managing your bank account. You’d probably want some kind of system to keep them accountable. Why? Simple: It’s your money so you want to know how it’s being spent, and see that information on demand. That’s precisely the thinking behind Massachusetts’ financial transparency platform, CTHRU, which opens up payroll and spending data, creates an easier path to statewide costs savings, and empowers citizens to keep officials accountable.

CTHRU is a unique open data and open records platform powered by Socrata that goes beyond serving up rows of numbers and transactions. It provides visuals of the data so citizens and staff can understand it quickly, such as health and human services costs and expenditures and payroll data.

Learn more about Masscahusetts' experience building this platform, and the Socrata technology behind it, with this Financial Insights Toolkit.

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