Getting Started with Open Data


The advantages of being data driven are numerous. An open government saves money and increases employee efficiency. Open data also powers smart, data-driven policy, fosters better communities in which to live and work, creates an economic engine, and helps governments run more effectively.

Starting an open data program? Read best practices from Socrata for selecting first datasets to publish, common data standards, assembling a winning team, and more. In this guide:

  1. What is Open Data and Why is it Important?
  2. Why Open Data? Why Now?
  3. Define Clear and Measurable Goals
  4. How to Assemble a Winning Team
  5. Develop Your Open Data Policy
  6. Which Data Should You Publish First?
  7. Open Data Implementation

Download the guide and get started saving money and improving quality of life, boosting economic impact, and driving operational excellence with open data.

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