Dutch Transit Data Fuels Innovation & Engagement

Case Study

Imagine a future where we have the ability to identify the registration, gasoline usage, replacement parts, and environmental impact of our car — all through one seamless digital system. It seems the future has already arrived in the Netherlands as the Dutch Transit Authority, Dienst Wegverkeer (RDW), has launched a data-sharing portal that is powering some of the most interesting apps in Europe and driving government innovation in a cost-effective, secure way.

Read this case study to learn about about these highlights and more:

  • 50,000 automatic updates per day from RDW to the Socrata cloud
  • 76 million API calls in September 2017, up from 45 million in September 2016, a 70 percent increase
  • Tens of millions of concurrent users, 24-hours a day

Hear from RDW leaders about how their platform is improving environmental sustainability, industry supply innovation, and fraud prevention.

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