Datapalooza How-To Guide


This how-to guide outlines one of the best ways to spur innovation using open data: host a Datapalooza showcase event.

Why are Datapaloozas so important? Serving as the “missing middle” in between hackathon competitions and longterm government grants, Datapaloozas are joint public-private events that transform open data into products and services of real value within 90 days. The guide includes:

  1. What is a Datapalooza?
  2. Which Datasets to Feature
  3. How to Prepare for a Data Jam
  4. Product Development After a Data Jam
  5. Challenges and Prizes
  6. The Datapalooza
  7. Innovation Sustainability

Data Jams have led to a number of new concrete ideas on how to use open government data. Harness the power of your community and start planning yours today!

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