How to Create a Connected, Data-Savvy DOT


Every day in the United States there are more than 265 million cars on the roadways, over 100,000 plane flights, nearly 150,000 miles of freight rail track in use, and hundreds of ports moving hundreds of millions of tons in goods. The responsibility to ensure the fast, safe, efficient, accessible, and convenient movement of all those people and goods rests on the shoulders of our U.S. and state departments of transportation (DOT). Their mission is clear but the route to ensuring this safety and ease is becoming more complicated every day.

  • The transportation system is adopting new technologies (like ride-sharing programs and driverless vehicles) that render current transportation systems obsolete.
  • U.S. citizens have become increasingly digital and connected.
  • The Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) is demanding more transparency from state departments of transportation, in the form of reports on financial and operational performance, as a requirement before releasing federal funds.

How can state DOTs, specifically, keep pace with these changes and fulfill their mission? Doing so will require states to embrace a more agile, data-driven mindset based on empowering their employees to harness the one resource they have in abundance – data – to systematically improve program outcomes in safety, infrastructure, and mobility and connect those programs with the communities they serve.

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