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Open Data Promotion Guide

Discover 50 ways to promote your open data site with links to examples of how other governments have done it.

Top Datasets for U.S. States

States publish data in a variety of categories, discover the most commonly accessed datasets driving the greatest engagement.

Top Datasets for U.S. Counties

From 311 requests to crime data, counties maintain a wide array of datasets. Find out which datasets are most frequently accessed.

Top Datasets for U.S. Cities

Cities publish a variety of data on their Publica sites, find inspiration from some of the most popular dataset categories.

Virginia Beach Timeline

See how Virginia Beach's data program has evolved and helped the city become a digital leader and innovation success story.

Making Financial Data Accessible to Everyone

Where do tax dollars really go? It's a question asked by citizens and other constituents who want results from their state and local governments. In this special edition brief by Governing, we hear from Los Angeles City Controller Ron Galperin and Socrata Product Manager, Kyle Hall on just how cloud software helps government improve data clarity, insight and transparency.

The State of the Union of Open Data, 2016

In September 2016, over 1,000 government, nonprofit, and industry leaders gathered to share their commitment to more open government data. Over 40 leaders contributed to this report, which details the unprecedented bipartisan data movement.

Community Policing and the Role of Data

Many police departments recognize the need to not just acknowledge their recent increase in exposure, but also get ahead of it. They’re actually leading efforts to create greater transparency into their work as a way to build stronger communities.

Opening the Books: Three Challenges that Governments are Solving with Open Financial Data

See how organizations can engage citizens in the budget process, improve governance and internal controls, and streamline public records processes for citizens and the media.

2016 Open Data Benchmark Report

The survey, sponsored by Socrata and conducted by EMC Research, was designed to better understand the current attitudes and opinions on the open data environment among publishers and users of open data.

Data and Narrative: Foundations for Government Storytelling

Publicly available data can answer 85% of residents’ questions, but research shows that almost half of the questions require additional commentary to fully communicate answers.

8 Government Processes Open Data Replaced

Review our list of eight government processes that innovative governments have replace with open data. See just how open data can save you time and money.

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