What is Socrata Open Performance?

Socrata Open Performance allows government organizations to set goals, connect with stakeholders, track progress, and achieve stronger results.

By centralizing priority data and reducing the friction in accessing data, it facilitates faster data analysis across departments, breaking through traditional data silos. Your government can choose what data to share with executives, leaders, and teams, and when you’re ready, the data can be released to the public in ways that make it easier to understand.

In our increasingly tech-savvy and connected world, citizens expect more information on government projects and initiatives. Why not embrace this reality and optimize for it?

“It’s not enough to just say here’s what is going on with the city’s money. No, we need to be saying loudly that we have objectives and we have a focus for what we’re doing with the city’s money.”

Tony YarberMayor, City of Jackson, MS

Socrata Open Performance helps governments get started in two primary steps:

Data collection and centralization: put data from every department in a central repository that everyone can have easy access to. Establish data-driven metrics and drive accountability through public goals.
Effective communication by providing context and insight: build dashboards, establish quantifiable goals, and share interactive reports to showcase the data that’s most important to your community. Use your data to tell a story, start a conversation, and encourage feedback.

Real-time data not only serves your constituency, but also assists in the management of your government. You can create an agile environment that enables continuous, evidence-based, decision making and implementation.

Citizen-friendly maps, charts, and graphics (like the ones below) contextualize data and can automatically update in real time.

Edmonton, Canada Citizen Dashboard

Edmonton’s construction map shows project details and construction supervisor contact information

Santa Monica, CA, Youth Wellbeing Report Card

Australian Capital Territory and Action Bus Network Public Transport Performance

What advice do you have for a government considering a performance program?

“Just start. Pick a department or issue that has some importance or value to elected officials or the public and just see what data is there. Just dive into it.”

Dave GottesmanCountyStat Manager, Montgomery County, MD

Intelligent, Informed Decisions

Socrata Open Performance can help transform your government into a data-driven organization with tools that:

  • Organize and automate data
  • Map data to key priority areas
  • Track progress
  • Dynamically visualize data
  • Build custom dashboards and reports

Open Performance works well with other Socrata tools that allow you to publish your datasets, with API access, to make your data more freely available. Whether you’re writing a memo, crafting policy, or delivering a presentation, the platform organizes data to make it more meaningful and easier to analyze.