Efficient governments use data

Until recently, governments made decisions largely based on instinct and rhetoric. They lacked the time and resources needed to fully review the outcomes of various programs.

Thanks to cloud technology, application programming interfaces (APIs), and improved data management, governments now have the tools they need to govern using data-driven decisions.

Cities like Chattanooga, Louisville, and New Orleans understand the importance of tracking the issues that matter most. Forward-thinking governments like West Sussex County, UK; Edmonton, Alberta; and Eindhoven, Netherlands are optimizing the power of data to create greater efficiency and better results for citizens.

Around the globe, cities, municipalities, counties, and states have learned first-hand that transparent performance management works. It builds public trust, fosters collaboration, allows for innovation, and improves the management of taxpayer funds.

Socrata Open Performance provides a world-class solution for helping governments around the world capture relevant data to leverage for greater visibility, accountability, and efficiency. Socrata Open Performance can be customized and adapted to work for small communities or single departments, as well as large governments with complex performance management programs. What all of these practitioners share is the understanding that performance measurement makes their government more accountable and enables them to stay on top of the issues that matter most to their residents.

Whether you’re ready to implement a full-scale program across your entire jurisdiction or are investigating how to take steps to increase transparency, Socrata Open Performance can help you take the first step in establishing a performance management program.