Open Finance

Socrata Open Finance is a suite of applications that enable any person to understand how their government is collecting and spending tax revenues, whether that person is a local citizen, a government leader, or a finance professional. Bring your data from siloed financial systems into a central repository that can be easily accessed and understood by any level of user.

Who uses Open Finance

Citizens interested in understanding how their tax dollars are being invested can easily get insight into the government budget, spending, and payroll data, even if they are financial novices

Government Leaders rather than waiting for reports for days, weeks, or months after the books have finally closed, government leaders can get instant insights at any time and on any device to understand exactly how their organization is doing

Financial Experts can get clarity and insight from built-in reports, but the underlying data is also readily available to download or connect to third-party analysis tools for further investigation or audit

Data Driven Decision-making

Every day, policymakers for all levels of government make critical decisions about the allocation of public funds and government resources. Without access to key data about the operations of their agencies, these decisions are made with incomplete information.

Streamlined Reporting

Governments of all sizes spend significant staff time and resources producing mandated financial reports, internal reports and updates, and custom reports for FOIA requests and policy analysis. Socrata Public Finance can positively reduce the amount of time, effort, and money spent to support these routine tasks.

Enhanced Internal Controls

One of the most important obligations of any government is to prevent waste and ensure that tax dollars are spent as efficiently and effectively as possible. Socrata Public Finance supports better internal controls by providing more clarity and insight to a traditionally obscure area.


Open Budget

Open Budget is an easy-to-use app that publishes the operating revenues, operating expenses, and the details of your capital budget onto a branded website. You can use it to quickly answers key financial questions about operating and capital budget revenue streams and allocations.You can keep the experience up-to-date by showing your budget versus actuals throughout the year and replacing static reports. Visitors on their desktops, tablets, and smartphones learn about government priorities and impacts on their lives and neighborhoods.

Open Expenditures

Open Expenditures allows the public and internal stakeholders to easily understand and explore checkbook-level detail of spending. You can keep the experience up-to-date by automatically publishing new data to Socrata platform. Visitors will be able to learn about spending and contracting in their department and find specific, detailed answers to a wide variety of questions.

Open Payroll

Open Payroll publishes payroll information onto a branded website that answers common questions about government spending on personnel. Visitors receive instant answers to common questions, including total size of the payroll, highest-paid employees, highest-paid departments, median pay, and more.

Open Finance Customers

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