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The Growing Open Data Movement

Open data adoption in the public sector is leaving the experimental phase and entering the mainstream.

  • Nearly every federal agency in the U.S. government has an open data program, with serving as the anchor that binds agency efforts together

  • 36 percent of the largest cities (with populations over 500,000) in the U.S. have a mature open data program

  • Counties, higher education institutions, and associations are also strong in the game

  • Worldwide, open data projects are springing up nearly every day, with the U.K. leading the way

Maybe you are just starting your open data journey, or maybe you are reading this report to look for practical ways to build on your earlier steps. In this closing chapter, we thought we’d share with you some resources to help you stay connected to the constant stream of innovation happening and our vision of where open data is going.

How to Connect with the Open Data Community


Want to join the open data conversation? Nowhere is it easier than on Twitter, where 140-character conversation on data-driven government, performance measurement, and open data happen daily. Follow our list of open data innovators, and watch the hashtags #opendata, #datadriven, #gov20, #civichacking, and #opengov.

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News from Socrata

This week in civic awesome: Our blog is a great place to turn for easily digestible open data news. Each Friday, we share a round-up of the week’s biggest stories of open data in the news in a feature we call “This Week in Civic Awesome.” Follow posts here.

Join our webinars: Several times a month, Socrata hosts webinars. The webinars are an opportunity to hear best practices from other government employees running open data programs , and discuss open data challenges. Register for webinars, and watch on-demand webinars anytime.