Insights Dashboard

Socrata Insights Dashboard is a user-friendly application for the exploration, analysis, and benchmarking of regional budgetary and expenditure data. Built with the challenge of running financial monitoring programs in mind, Insights Dashboard is an early warning system enabling the proactive resolution of complex fiscal problems.

Governments can add thousands of metrics, millions of lines of financial information, and dozens of different analytic insights into a single dashboard which shows information for all local entities within a state or county.

Effectively prioritize oversight of local governments and intervene proactively in potential cases of fiscal distress

Understand the range of economic development activities your office coordinates, such as the labor and industry characteristics of the counties across a state

Offer policymakers a self-service and flexible dashboard to offer insights into the health of local government

Early Warning and Oversight

Local governments derive their authority from the states, and so states ultimately have a duty to monitor and oversee local governments. In municipal bankruptcies for instance the state has born a responsibility to guide the city out of bankruptcy. By making financial data about local entities accessible, state financial officers and concerned citizens can gain real insight into the financial status of a local government and identify problem financial practices before it becomes a crisis.

Benchmarking and Analysis

Citizens and local lawmakers deserve and need the ability to understand their communities – not just in a vacuum, but in the context of other comparable governments. The Insight Dashboard puts machine learning and advanced analysis into the hands of public and local officials, providing automatic benchmarking, comparisons and analysis. It also makes the raw data powering each of these reports available in an open and accessible format, allowing analysts and researchers to perform complex analysis and derive unprecedented insights.

Transparency and Public Access

Despite open data laws across the country, trust in government remains stubbornly low, and typically the data collected by these laws, and the subsequent reports issued, are rarely accessed or viewed, blunting their potential public impact. The Insight Dashboard takes this information and makes it readily accessible, automatically creating tables, graphs, and other interactive visualizations to help citizens not just see data, but understand what the data mean.

  • Deliver comparative insights across hundreds or thousands of jurisdictions
  • Benchmark and grade local governments to find outliers and best practices
  • Integrate with other national metrics and data for additional analysis

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