Socrata Customer Summit 2015


Stories from Urban Data Science

As more cities adopt open data policies of their own, what are some of the best ways to analyze the mounds of new data? And what impact can those public data releases really have? Data scientist, professor, improv instructor and I Quant NY author Ben Wellington shares some examples of real changes that came about from greater transparency in NYC.

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Put the Data Where Your Mouth Is

Jackson, Mississippi Mayor Tony Yarber has a vision of closing the gap between what the goals were and what the actual outcomes are, and it’s grounded in evidence and data. By listenting to the community and mapping out a vision for the future, Jackson is proactively building a community of sustainability and reslilience.

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Rounding Square Pegs: Creating Successful Open Data Programs

So, you’ve been tasked to “make open data happen.” Now what? New York State, San Mateo County and Montgomery County have all been there and worked hard to succeed in a variety of ways. Join them for candid tips and tricks and a collaborative conversation for rolling out open data in government.

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Data Currency – Unlocking Value with Visualization

Visualizations have the power to spark cultural shifts within organizations. The Urban Institute’s Jon Schwabish shares how making data visual and digestible allows decision-makers to see how data fits into the organization’s bigger picture and helps leadership tackle emerging problems like managing the ever-growing volume of structured and unstructured data.

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