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Socrata is dedicated to helping governments unlock their data. That’s why our solutions are specially priced to the scope of your project. Fill out the form to get a complimentary consultation on how to build, manage, and grow your digital government programs.

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Our experts can help you create an open government solution for your organization. Once we have a good understanding of your goals and ambitions, we’ll work with you to determine a solution and price point that meets your needs.

“Our constituents have been using digital products and services from companies like Apple, Google, Twitter and Amazon for a number of years, and so we need to make sure our technology looks, feels and performs like that,” explains Abhi Nemani, Chief Data Officer for the City of Los Angeles. “That’s why we’ve adopted Socrata’s Data-as-a-Utility™ platform. If you’re going to become a data-driven government in the 21st century, you can’t ignore your users or their digital experience if you really want to be effective and succeed.”

Tyler Kleykamp, the Chief Data Officer for the State of Connecticut: “We want our data to be accessible not only to researchers and developers, but also to anyone looking to answer a simple question or gain insight into state government. We believe this new experience will allow us to turn government data into easily approachable and consumable information that helps educate people and improve the quality of their lives.”