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Socrata Connected Transportation Cloud

Socrata Connected Transportation Cloud enables government leaders, program managers, analysts, and knowledge workers to use and share data effectively to design successful programs and deliver better outcomes for citizens.

Why Socrata Connected Transportation Cloud

A comprehensive solution built specifically for transportation organizations, Connected Transportation combines our Performance Management, Operational Visibility and Financial Insights Clouds. You can connect all of your data silos into a single access point for trusted data, and empower employees with self-service discovery to access authoritative, up-to-date and relevant information. Now entire teams can see and understand their data.

Actionable Operational Insights

Empowered program teams can see problems and take corrective action, on their own, before problems advance to a critical state.

Proactive Insights

Shift from rear-view-mirror reporting to predicting and affecting outcomes. Manage your individual budgets with data-driven foresight to make real-time changes to budget and resource allocation.

Cost Reduction

Using Cross-Platform Data Portability and economies of scale and machine learning, you can streamline the connection to your existing data through auto-generated APIs for thousands of systems.

Real-Time Results

Visualize all of your strategic goals in one place. They’ll be automatically updated with relevant data, in an always-on, available on any device, and easily shareable site.

Connected Transportation Cloud Features

Utah Department of Transportation

Utah DOT’s data connects State funding directly to outcomes. Department of Transportation leaders who want to learn how to better supply that information should look no further than the example set by the Utah Department of Transportation (UDOT).

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Washington Department of Transportation

Data is more powerful if you can tell compelling stories with it. With Results WA, creating engaging data visualizations is much easier for Washington staffers.

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City of Topeka

Having the data online and accessible was only the first part of Topeka’s strategy. The next goal was to get more residents engaged with it. Thinking like a customer-service organization, Topeka’s team began using creative tools to encourage access in ways that reach the community.

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Connected Transportation Cloud Customers

City of Topeka
Utah Department of Transportation

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