Socrata Connected Government Cloud

Socrata Connected Government Cloud empowers those most able to effect outcomes in the government: the knowledge workers. SCGC allows you to take a modern view of government data, and move from being reactive to making proactive decisions. As the industry leader in open data for the last decade, we believe an effective open data program is born of quality internal data sharing, and have an open API protocol that allows citizen and developer users to reuse high-value data at scale, at marginal cost.

Why Socrata Connected Government Cloud

Self-Service Access

Connect all of your data silos into a single access point for trusted data, and empower employees with self-service discovery to access authoritative, up-to-date and relevant information. All performance, operational, and financial data is available in a secure self-service mode and to authorized employees, hosted on our FedRAMP secured environment.

Use Your Data

All users, no matter their skillset or background, can turn data into information. Through our easy to use Data Design suite, teams can use, visualize, and share data and no longer depend on technical intermediaries for basic tasks, freeing up your analysts to complete more high-value work. Every employee has the relevant data they need, when they need it, and in a format that that makes sense to them.

Cross-Platform Portability

Utilizing our Cross-Platform Data Portability toolkit you have the ability to power any analytics environment allowing analysts the freedom to use their tool of choice, while leveraging the same source data as the rest of the team. Through economies of scale and machine learning, you can streamline the connection to your existing data through auto-generated APIs for thousands of systems. Increase the reach of your data to third-party systems by 70%, while producing a 30% productivity gain in speed of execution of new data initiatives.

Open Data Simplified

Socrata Connected Government Cloud makes the flow and publishing of high-quality open data effortless by making it a natural byproduct of internal use, at no added cost.

Connected Government Cloud Features

Connected Government Cloud Customers

City of Topeka
Utah Department of Transportation

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